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What can you get from our platform?

  • Get access to thousands of interesting products,try out and get paid for posting your reviews on social media or blogs,inspire and educate your followers what are truly worthy.

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    All campaign management will happen via our platform, and mostly handled by our dedicated team. You will receive detailed instructions on how and what to post, be compensated fairly and paid promptly.

How does WHATSWORTH work?

Whatsworth is an easy way for influencers to make money with their social media influence. No need the Back-And-Forth with brands and long waiting for feedback anymore. Just browse campaign offers freely and select your favorite. Which you can accept almost immediately. Try out the products, post the content and get paid. That’s easy!

Choose Favorite Offers

Browse offers from thousands of interesting brands with all campaigns information.

Get Samples For Free

Once offer confirmed,you will get the product samples for free in a few days.

Create Inspiring Content

Try out and upload your content or video reviews to Whatsworth.

Post And Cash Out

Post your content on social media or your own blogs and get paid promptly.

Carefully Chosen Brands And Products

We have dedicated team for brands and products selection. Invitation only model makes only the best quality, well design, innovative and fair price products and brands will be listed on our platform.

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It's fast, free and very easy!