About Us

Dear All, thanks for your interest in Whatsworth. We are an one-station platform which merging global premium merchandises with the influencers.  We offer our valued customers with a selection of high quality brands and products with affordable prices across mainstream shopping sites like Amazon, Ebay and Brand's official stores.

Our Company invites Key Opinion Leaders and Influencers on social media platforms to select and try out our products, providing unbiased reviews and recommendations on which products are truly worth buying.  

We believe that by handing over the power of choice and judgement to Social Media Opinion Leaders and Key Opinion Customers, that our customers will benefit from this the most. As a result, we can focus on what truly matters for our customers: to better listen to their voices, develop more affordable products and provide them an overall greater user experience.  

Providing you with a perfect shopping experience is vital to us. We are very eager to hear your opinion. If you are an influencer or would like to be our Key Opinion Customer, please visit our influencer  page.  

Should you have any comments, ideas, opinions or complaints, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team at: service@whatsworth.com.  Your voice will be heard, respected and promptly replied within 1~2 business days.  

Welcome to the Whatsworth community! We hope you enjoy exploring, shopping and sharing truly intriguing, valuable and worthy products! 


- Whatsworth Team